NBA trade rumors: Kyrie Irving’s request leaves Cavs hurting, Adam Silver smiling

In a span of a month, the Cavaliers have managed to do something that carried the air of impossibility as the last NBA year limped to a close. Cleveland has set up next season to be, blessedly, an Ravens Cheap Jerseys interesting one.

Even as Golden State easily won this year’s NBA Finals, the running question throughout the five-game series was just how many times fans could be expected to get excited for a Warriors-Cavaliers championship matchup. A meeting of the two next June was all but inevitable, the only question being whether we’d get the same pairing in 2019, too.

But the history of the NBA shows that you’d lose a lot of money USA Cheap Jerseys over the years betting on presumed dynasties. Too much can happen. Look at, say, the Shaq-Kobe Lakers of the early 2000s, the “Big Three” Celtics of 2008 on and the LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh Heat. None won as many championships as projected. (Weren’t the Heat still supposed to be winning titles now, seven years later?) Injuries take their toll. Egos get in the way, on the court and off it.

The came an at-times tense segment in the TNT studio Thursday. Panelist Shaquille O’Neal, a former teammate of James’ in Cleveland, appeared visibly upset with Barkley, who kept saying James has enough help to win a championship and that Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook would love to have James’ all-star supporting cast. O’Neal kept saying that it wasn’t about the stars but the role players, which is the type of player James wants.

Shaq said he would have reacted the same way James did to that comment, and then some. “I would have came up here and punched you in your face, that’s what I would’ve did,” O’Neal told Barkley.

Chuck tried to joke that Shaq isn’t a good fighter (let’s go to the videotape). Shaq wasn’t in a laughing mood.