The Lakers could have the space and an opportunity to keep Griffin in Los Angeles.

Miami would need to officially get out from Chris Bosh’s contract to have space for Griffin. Never dismiss the opportunity for Pat Riley to sell a young star on spending his winter winning games in South Beach, especially given the Heat’s historic upswing since January.

The Lakers could have the space and an opportunity to keep Griffin in Los Angeles. The cost to Griffin would be winning. He’d have a chance to be the star the Lakers so desperately want in the post-Kobe era, but L.A.’s first team isn’t ready to win big.

Griffin, Brandon Ingram, D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and maybe a top-three pick in this draft is a potential playoff team, not a contender. After tasting success with the Clips, is Griffin prepared to start from the bottom again? Remember, Griffin also experienced the bottom at the beginning of his career. It’s hard to believe he liked it.

Other teams like the Suns, Celtics, Nuggets, and Mavericks will chase. We will have an unwieldy supply of Carmelo Anthony-for-Blake Griffin sign-and-trade rumors.

That’s not what happened. It was an exercise in absurdity to highlight just how inequitable baseball’s unwritten rules are. We’ve had a batter attack another player with a bat, and we’re still Cheap Softball Jerseys For Men talking about it 52 years later. The suspension (10 games) for Juan Marichal was hilariously weak in retrospect, but there was a widespread belief that the incident kept him out of the Hall of Fame for two years. Don’t hit players with bats. Seems like one of the more obvious of unwritten rules.

For a more recent example, Delmon Young was suspended 50 games for throwing his bat at an umpire:

And in a completely applicable exampl

e, Machado was once suspended five games for using his bat as something between a weapon and a demonstration of his displeasure.

The Raptors can still beat the Bucks, but it sure doesn’t feel like it

We could have had three blowouts and a boring Thursday evening of playoff games if not for LeBron James. He had to go out and do something about that, didn’t he?

It has now been five years and 20 straight games since James has lost in the first round, a streak he continued by leading a 26-point comeback against the Pacers in Game 3. Cleveland now leads 3-0 in the series, and their mercurial roster has once again turned in a passing performance despite the entire paper being marked up in red ink.

What I’m genuinely curious about is whether we are seeing a new age unfold. Brad Stevens will be in Boston for as long as he wants. Brett Brown seems entrenched in Philly. Mike Budenholzer has all the power. We already mentioned Cliff — no offense to Kemba Walker, but Clifford’s the face of the franchise. Guys like Erik Spoelstra and Rick Carlisle are institutions at this point. Might we be looking at the era of the legacy coach?

We do seem to be stacking up more coaches as institutions than we have in recent memory. But institutions fall. I’m not convinced Clifford can outlast another losing season, and I think the bill will come due on Brett Brown if there isn’t additional progress next season. Carlisle is interesting Cheap Vintage Hockey Jerseys to me because he’s so well-regarded and the Mavericks are usually better than they have reason to be. But he’s not winning too many playoff games, you know?

There’s a piece of this narrative I am morally obligated to mention here: Diversity in NBA coaching is still bad. There are currently nine head coaches of color in a league that is 80 percent black. Spoelstra and Tyronn Lue are becoming institutions. David Fizdale is set for at least Cheap USA Hockey Jerseys a few years. Doc Rivers is his own boss. Nate McMillan goes into next year on fairly thin ice.

While Boston’s track record with the top pick

Now, eight years and one league later, the Breakers are again the owners of the No. 1 draft pick, though this time it came from last year’s last place finish, Boston’s second time at the bottom of the table in as many seasons. With that top pick at the 2017 college draft, Boston again went for a promising young talent with some time with the USWNT under her belt. On a January day in Los Angeles, Rose Lavelle became a Boston Breaker.

In the context of Rodriguez — like if you’re reading this while still in Cautionary Tale circa 2009 — Boston picking up Lavelle is a terrifying prospect. It’s almost enough to make you wish someone else got her. Also, if you are still in 2009, don’t get attached to WPS; it gets super sad toward the end.

While Boston’s track record with the top pick — and just in general — may not be that great, it’s also maybe not quite fair to compare Lavelle to what happened to A-Rod nearly a decade ago. Though the two share the distinction of going first and getting a boost from the USWNT hype train, that’s about where the similarities end.

Carter initially chose the fledgling USFL over the NFL, which explains how low he was drafted by the Miami Dolphins. Carter, however, joined the Vikings in 1985 and enjoyed a productive career during which he compiled 7,733 yards and 73 TDs in 11 years.

Kenn spent his entire career with the Atlanta Falcons and was a solid tackle through Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale that 17-year run. Kenn made the Pro Bowl five times and was a three-time All-Pro Cheap Old Basketball Jerseys selection. He played in all 16 games in 10 of those seasons.