Former Raptor Charles Oakley’s casual sexism shouldn’t be tolerated

During his 18-year NBA career, former Toronto Raptor Charles Oakley became synonymous with the tough-guy image among his NBA peers and fans. He scrapped and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, even when his words were unkind (which, many of the times, they were).

And over the weekend, during a panel discussion before a Big3 event, Oakley continued to speak his mind, saying that some current NBA players should wear dresses.

While Oakley gained a reputation for not backing down from any opponent in the NBA, there’s nothing tough about these comments. There’s nothing about casual sexism that should be accepted or thought of in any positive light. Oakley’s reputation as an enforcer or a brawler doesn’t absolve him of comments that are clearly demeaning to the female basketball fan.

The Thunder already made a serious upgrade by adding Paul George via trade to pair with 2017 NBA MVP Russell Westbrook, but snagging Anthony from the Knicks would create a formidable Big Three in OKC. It could also unleash the Olympics version of Anthony at the power forward spot in specific lineups.

However, as intriguing as the basketball fit may be, a trade between the Thunder and Knicks doesn’t make much sense. The Thunder don’t have much to offer in exchange for Anthony. Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis were sent to the Pacers in the George deal. Steven Adams signed an extension last October, plus he’s more valuable than Anthony at this point in his career, so he isn’t leaving. Enes Kanter is an expensive big man the Knicks likely wouldn’t want as a key piece of a trade package.

If the Thunder are serious about adding Anthony, a third team will need to help out. Of course, Anthony still holds that valuable no-trade clause and can veto any move he doesn’t like. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reported Saturday that Anthony remains focused on heading to Houston.

A trio of Westbrook, George and Anthony would be highly entertaining. It’s just not realistic at this point.

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